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He Reigns

              (NaPoWriMo 14 Day 18)

Let all people with gladness sing
With joy for His glorious reign
Christ the King lives, His praises ring
Let all the people with gladness sing
The empty tomb, His victory bring
The guards at the tomb watched in vain
Let all  people with gladness sing
With joy for His glorious reign


A Token for Good

(NaPoWriMo14 Day 14)

A little supplication from my mouth to His ears for this special day

Life might hurl all sorts of things at you today
Stuffs that make you want to curse the day
Stuffs you accept without a sigh all day
Just keep holding on through the day
Never let go today
Never complain about the day
Choice will befriend you someday
Your eyes will live to see the day
God will grant you a token for good one day

Vessel of Honour

(NaPoWriMo Day 6)

I am a vessel of honour
In the house of the great master
A living sacrifice for him
A light to light the path for all

Whether wood, clay, gold or silver
I am a vessel of honour
Bought with a price, His precious blood
All that I am to Him I yield

A broken vessel, a dishonour
Conformed to sin and lust for world
I am a vessel of honour
Sanctified for the master’s need

From all youthful lust must flee
Never dishonour His holy name
Embrace all things holy and pure
I am a vessel of honour

The Tree of Knowledge


(NaPoWriMo Day 4)

A child knows to cry
Before he knows the word

He learns to smile
Before he forms the word

He loves a friendly face
Before he learns the name

He masters the face of a foe
Before he masters his name

He knows to deceive
Before he captures the word

It is in man to do good
It is in man to do evil

Both implanted in him
Along with the will to choose

He has the power to choose
Who enslaves him

A Day of Rest

Rest my brow
Time to unwrinkle your furrow
Another glorious day of the King is here
Offer thankful hymn to His presence here
This is not to linger
Or your worries to stay longer
Rest, oh seat of thoughts
Release unto Him all your cares
Rest my soul, embrace His balm
Let the fingers remain calm
Today is another day of bliss
Let all souls enjoy this moment of peace

His Hands


‘He has deserted us,’ they cried
Nothing to rely on safe their belief
The sound of their cries went up to Him
Like the fragrance of their daily offerings
In the fullness of time, out came His hands
Working great signs and wonders in their oppressors’ land
The parted sea, the biggest of many miracles
Swallowed the horsemen along with their horses and chariots ever
Vomitted the children of covenant onto the way
To the promised land, never more to wander


Clay and water
Sieved and pounded
Moulded and shaped of His hands
Why do you then boast?
Of these riches and wealth?
They were here before you
And here they will be
When you are no more
Of wisdom and knowledge
Acquired and will be required
When you are no more
Your beautiful skin –
Nothing but boasting dust
Simply dust, safe that first breath
Giving in love, and with love
If there be any boast
Let it be of His second to none

God Is Not Mad At Me


Never ask for much from Him
Just to fill my life with love and calm
Same I asked on this fateful day
That left a huge bump on my way

One moment was walking with my friends
Then the next was flat on my rear
The sun glaring down in all his might
Daylight burning with so much hate

Not one of my limbs I could stir
Just drifting in and out of here
As if undetermined to stay or depart
I knew then my life had taken a new twist

Once I caught a glimpse of my loves
The mask on their faces of fear and tears
This breaks my heart so but not a tear
My whole body been rid of all care

A terrible nightmare was my first thought
Or dead and beyond the blue for reward
Hoping I’d wake and have a good laugh
And return to my simple but stunning life

A great miracle I pulled through they said
Like all miracles mine was not exempted
I paid with endless pain and my freedom
My proof of womanhood torn to shred

Must have erred God was my waking notion
To be so wrath to act without compassion
Life behind bars and endless grief His verdict
Else He would shield me from this raging tempest

But then that He still loves me revived my soul
That He really cares made me whole
Could have been six feet beneath the earth
Then I know His plans surpass my thought

With abundant love He enriched my home
The strength and courage to stand the storm
The grace to look beyond this troubled race
And the faith to trust in His guidance

For my family.
After a life changing auto mobile accident, I was sure God was mad at me, punishing me for something I had done. After I recovered, I was really mad at Him for not preventing the accident. Then I realized He saved me, cos He loves me. It could be worst. He is not mad at me.