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I should have known
We do not share love
We share something deeper
Deeper than love, passion
Or understanding
We share a bond not of everyday
Or tomorrow
A bond that will outlive us
A bond beyond time and age
It’s always there between us
Drawing us closer
Never together
We share it
We never can have it



Unequal though we seem
Uneven even – we are complements
Fashioned of the same fabric
Not a one is complete without the other
Lines, nails, veins, bones
Colour and texture
We are equals just vertically challenged

Look not on the index
As favoured than the thumb
The ring bearer as prettier than the third
The third as more endowed than the index
The pinky as more pampered than the rest
Or the four as superior to the thumb
One missing digit deforms the parents
We are complements
Fashioned of the same fabric
Just vertically challenged.

The Other Woman (1)

Prompt: Three children are sitting on a log near a stream. One of them looks up at the sky and says…

“It ends today”, he said, his eyes fixed on the shadow he had been chasing for ten years. His heart was thumping madly in his chest but he kept running. He tripped and grabbed the nearest tree for support. And then he heard the laughter, like the sound of water flowing from a bottle. It was so disturbingly familiar. It was all he could hear in the silence of the night when sleep took its flight and during the day when he was alone in his thought.

He was on a gentle rise with trees closing in around it from all sides. He turned around, straining his ears for any sound that would tell him where it might be, nothing except the gentle flow of a stream down the slope on his right. He had lost it again. His legs wobbled slightly as he trudged toward the stream. “Strange,” he muttered. “I have been here before.” He frowned as he searched his mind for when. He just knew he had been there with someone but who? He kept walking toward the stream, he had to get closer, even though he felt faint he had to. There was a log by the stream, it wasn’t there before. It was as if he conjured it up himself when he thought of resting. He sat on it, he just knew he should. The sky was grey, but the sun was still there fighting to take control.

He was rocking to the steady flow of the stream when he heard something. He turned and saw her standing about ten feet from him. The gentle breeze gave life to her powder blue gown, swaying to its beat. He got up and walked toward her. Her hair, woven in thick braids was tied at the nape of her neck with a white ribbon. Her eyes were huge and dark. “You are a woman” he said.
She cackled “And you’re always so slow. I see nothing has changed.”

His eyes hardened, “Why have you been tormenting me? Slowly she turned and melted into the breeze. He blinked, and she was perched on the log, staring at the sky. He frowned and followed her gaze. There was a very bright star in the sky, sparkling and beside it another one pale and fading. When he looked down at her again, she was a child of about eight years. She had the same face but her eyes were sad. Her face was glistening in the dark and when he peered at them, they were tears. She got up and started to walk away.

“Stop! Who are you? Why have you been haunting me?” She turned and resumed her pose on the log. He didn’t want to move closer to her, she might disappear again. He had to put an end to his misery and solve this mystery “for ten years you have tormented me, why?

“You are still slow, I have been teasing you all your lifetime.”
“What does that mean?
“It means it’s what I do, dreams notwithstanding”.
“This is a dream?
“Of course, Bablo, otherwise I wouldn’t be here”.
His eyes grew round and their brows went up. “How do you know that name? She smiled. “Speak now …”
“Or what? You are always all barks, Tade. And teasing you is my pleasure. It’s all I have now, unless you tell me to leave,” she said sashaying toward him with each word.
“Who are you”?
“What! I can’t believe you ask me that, she said, pouting. It hurts.
“Who are you”!
She shook her head “You have to remember me, Bablo. You have to.”
“What are you talking about?”
“You have to remember me, before it’s too late.”

“I can’t believe you lured me here for this child’s play. I had hoped baba was right about me having a woman in another realm, and I almost believed him for a while. Leave me alone, woman. Go, and never come back.” She shrank back, her dark eyes turned green and glowed. The little girl vanished and in her place was the beautiful woman with pink lips and fiery red eyes.

The pink lips opened and she spoke in a hoarse voice “There will be a time when you would need me. You would seek me but will never find me” there was rustling of leaves and trees and she was gone. The log sank into the ground and disappeared as well as the stream. When he looked at the sky there was only one star and then it was gone and so was the night.

He suddenly felt lonely. He placed his right palm on the left side of his chest and rubbed gently. “I didn’t mean it,” he said to the wind and the sky. He felt as sad as the woman and was surprised when tears dropped onto his chest. “Please, come back”.

He looked up to see his wife hovering over him her hands on his shoulders. “Wake up, Tade. Are you alright”?
“I think so”. She called me Bablo. How did she know my childhood pet-name?
“The dream again”? He nodded and rubbed his eyes.
“Did you dream too?” She shook her head

She swallowed hard and blinked back the tears. If Baba was right then she would never know the joy of motherhood. The woman in her husband’s shadow would never allow her to conceive. Her offspring would be limited to the three children playing by the stream in her dream. If only she could share his dreams.

“You must find out who she is and what she wants.” He nodded as he pulled her closer. For the first time in their seven years of marriage, he hid the dream from her.
“Do you think baba is right”? she asked after a while.
“No. We don’t need to worry about that now.” She rested her head on his chest, wondering who she was.




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Death Will Die Someday

Today is your day, Damilola Adisa or supposed to be your day. In my heart, it’s always is and I can’t but remember you. I didn’t want to remember, so that I won’t be sad but I couldn’t because that would be like you were never here, like death has conquered us, conquered you and all that you were. It hasn’t. So, let death not be proud of this small victory for it only lasts a while. This reminds me of one of my favourite poem by John Donne:

Death, be not proud, though some have called thee
Mighty and dreadful, for thou art not so;
For those whom thou think’st thou dost overthrow
Die not, poor Death, nor yet canst thou kill me.
From rest and sleep, which but thy pictures be,
Much pleasure; then from thee much more must flow,
And soonest our best men with thee do go,
Rest of their bones, and soul’s delivery.
Thou art slave to fate, chance, kings, and desperate men,
And dost with poison, war, and sickness dwell,
And poppy or charms can make us sleep as well
And better than thy stroke; why swell’st thou then?
One short sleep past, we wake eternally
And death shall be no more; Death, thou shalt die.

Five years ago you passed away and you left an empty place in my heart; a place that nobody can fill. It was the saddest and most painful day I’ve had in my life. That day, after I had tried so hard to contact you, I logged into my Facebook account to check your wall, and there I found a post left by someone of your death. I was shattered into a million pieces, worse than when I met you. I couldn’t even mourn you because I was beside someone close to both of us who was also fighting for her life. I buried the pain in my heart crying inwardly, going through the rituals in a daze. I couldn’t say anything to anybody until weeks later, it was the hardest moment of my life. I couldn’t comment on the post because she would find out too. It is a memory that I cannot erase from my mind, neither from my heart. I couldn’t be there for you in your last days. It was a journey I have not returned from.

People say that time heals all wounds, but today I can tell you that’s not true. Till today, I feel the same pain in my heart that I felt that day. I’m still finding it hard to accept that you are no more maybe because there was nothing to get the closure from, nobody; you didn’t give me any clue you just vanished. You left me wondering.
The only difference is, today I have decided to think only of the good times we had together, they were the best times. Though much younger you taught me how to love, you opened my heart, you taught me that family is deeper than blood. You kept tugging at my heart until it embraced yours.
When I met you, you needed so much love, you needed a family. I needed to heal from a broken heart, and together we healed.
I wanted no human company, just my books. You were always telling me how books can’t give love, friendship or warmth; and I’ll say that’s the point 🙂 They don’t need anything, I don’t have to give anything and they wouldn’t complain. And then you would sit right in front of me, dragging your feet and grumbling and until I’d get tired and eventually gave up. You’d clap and smile. And then you’d insist that I helped you with so many things until I could no longer resist you.
I brought you to my family and you accepted us as your family, the one you never had but always wanted. You were always eager to please everyone, to help, to do the chores though you didn’t know how. You liked to be praised when you did it well, but hated being scolded when you didn’t. At first, we would let you go free when you were wrong so as not to hurt you, then we stopped because you wanted a family, a family shouldn’t let one do as one pleases. And because you were such a gem too, you understood the love in being corrected and adjusted. You loved to cook though a very bad cook.
I thought you all you wanted to learn from a mother and a big sister. But you didn’t wait to show me all you promised to become. You didn’t write the book you promised, you left with the biggest story. You didn’t wait to be all that your mother wanted you to be. We both failed to keep our promises.
Now that you left without saying goodbye, I’ll do all that I can to keep the memories alive. I’ll remember you like you were, always happy, free, innocent beautiful in and out. I’ll remember you with longings and with joy.

Rest on Sis, till we meet to part no more. Rest on Damilola mi, until death would be defeated forever and we shall weep no more.
May we meet again.

Happy New Year

Tick tock, tick tock
365 days, it ticked away
The new year now on
The heels of the old
I’m most grateful
For friends and family
Who flew with me in 2015
You lent your wings
And raised me high
With your kind words
And willing shoulders
2015 was less lonesome
I’m most honoured to
Fly with you
Happy new year folks

Grateful Heart

When in a vacuum of fear
icier than harmattan wind
I lay
Your friendly warmth
calmed me
When I’m entangled in a
web of anxiety
Your kind words
raised me up
You lend your wings
I soar
You cheered me on
when I’m one with words
You encouraged me
when I’m lost in words
I’m so glad to fly with you
most fortunate to know you all
Strangers who turned friends
friends who become kins
I’m sending the warmest
thing I have
My heartfelt good wish
United in words we remain
~ Olufunke


Just this once
Close your eyes
Open them
They will see things
They’ve never seen before
The distance you used to know
Becomes shortened
The shorter distance
Becomes farther
The people you used to know
Appears strange
The robes you clad them
Becomes worthless
The moments you treasured
Becomes meaningless
The secrets you once shared
Becomes empty
The closer you get
The farther you want to be

Beauty’s Sting

Flitting in and out
       of warmth,
  in search of blossomed hearts
for a thrust
                  of her beauty’s sting
   leaving trails
                  of battered hearts,
     in her vengeful wake.