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Is Life Unfair?

You think life is unfair?
White or black we thrive on air
How fairer can life fare?

Slake of thirst is same everywhere
Rain falls on all saints or sinners
Is life really unfair?

The rich heart weaken the poor despair
They shiver for thieves we shudder for cold
How fairer can life fare?

We bemoan, we chant life’s unfair
Dead is dead rich or poor; young and old
You think life is unfair?

What makes one sad makes the others cheer
While I cry she mumbles a thanks
How fairer can life fare?

I wish to be them, their life’s fair
They wish to be me I’m all smile
You think life is unfair?
How fairer can life fare?


Embrace It

Do not grudge pain
It holds on its hot blanket
The evidence of life
Handled and well managed
Life from it
Takes its meanings

Dedicated to a loving and caring father…


Just this once
Close your eyes
Open them
They will see things
They’ve never seen before
The distance you used to know
Becomes shortened
The shorter distance
Becomes farther
The people you used to know
Appears strange
The robes you clad them
Becomes worthless
The moments you treasured
Becomes meaningless
The secrets you once shared
Becomes empty
The closer you get
The farther you want to be


I spent too long
Pondering on what was lost
That I forgot too long
Things that are given
The love of my family
The company of wonderful friends
Who more than sacrificed
Time, love and care
Giving, asking not
Walking by my side
To sight the light of a new dawn
The ray of hope
To live life again
To right the wrongs
To a new beginning