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On A Quest

              (NaPoWriMo14 Day 29)

“be fruitful and multiply,” He said
man and woman He made them,
in the beginning
men looked for women
women looked for men
but he never gave the map
or leave the clue
just the heart
muttering the path
right or wrong
blindly following the path
the eyes see the light
the heart feels the hurt
then the search begins again
I looked for him everywhere,
I could not find him
then I lost me
I went looking for me
maybe when I find me
he will find me


Silent Wish

Pearly silvery sparkle
Jewels of the night
Bid you to carry my wish
Through the gentle breeze
Into the blue beyond
My heart desires this last thing
Return to me my limbs
Feel this warm sand beneath my feet
Walk this earth one more time
The cool breeze on my face
Visit the greatest wonder of the west
Where water gushes from the rock
In the deepest greens
Climb its seventh hill
The sky and the clouds above me
Inhale the fresh breath
Untainted by men’s quest
And shout to the whole world
The tale of the triumph of my tattoo.

Found this prompt on WeDrinkInspiration for short story. I wrote a poem on it. I know  it has to be a story but I really want to use the prompt. I got the prompt from you, so I have to tag you. I hope you don’t mind.You don’t have to include me in the result or anything.
Thanks 🙂