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My Yesterday

Yesterday, I didn’t know I’d be here
My day was so peaceful and gay
I had no inkling of this moment
Oh, I long for my yesterday

Now, when I pause to think of it
How could you be so tricky?
If you’d warned me I’d be ready
For this moment in my today

Suddenly, I’m not where I used to be
Clearly, I’m not where I wanted to be
Where are you taking me today?
So punic you are my yesterday


No More

My tears are dried up
like the rivers in
the harmattan

They are sealed
in the inner sanctum
of my soul

Now, you must cry for me
for I’ve no more
tears left

Is Life Unfair?

You think life is unfair?
White or black we thrive on air
How fairer can life fare?

Slake of thirst is same everywhere
Rain falls on all saints or sinners
Is life really unfair?

The rich heart weaken the poor despair
They shiver for thieves we shudder for cold
How fairer can life fare?

We bemoan, we chant life’s unfair
Dead is dead rich or poor; young and old
You think life is unfair?

What makes one sad makes the others cheer
While I cry she mumbles a thanks
How fairer can life fare?

I wish to be them, their life’s fair
They wish to be me I’m all smile
You think life is unfair?
How fairer can life fare?


Now I’ll sing of my greatest fear

Of the taste of the realm of nothingness

Teasing and taunting like a missing limb

How I dread its incessant pull

Into the passage between here and there

Nothing more agonizing than that chill

Gnashing beneath the hovering darkness, a

Ne’er ending nightmare of infinite nothingness

E‘er threatening possession of my mind

Such is the miracle of a near-death your

Soul is never here or there

The Script

I am acting the part
As stated in life’s script
I’m acting my part
Smiling and keeping on
So the others
Can act their parts
Of lingering not and moving on

I drop my part
And shelf the mask
When I’m alone
I drop my part
And hang the armour
When the honest me
Takes over the weary me

Then, I drop the act
And hopefully pray
That I don’t loose myself
In between the parts