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I should have known
We do not share love
We share something deeper
Deeper than love, passion
Or understanding
We share a bond not of everyday
Or tomorrow
A bond that will outlive us
A bond beyond time and age
It’s always there between us
Drawing us closer
Never together
We share it
We never can have it


Dare To

If I’m honest with myself
I’ll sing of my secret cravings
The art of self discovery
When no mortal is near

If I’m brace enough
I’ll on this chaste paper
Pen my deepest passion
The art of self pleasure

I’ll sing of how long ago
We started on this road
How much I will a halt
Yet found my fingers roving

The Morning-After


       as daylight ushered in
           the morning-after
              all promises made
           in the heat of the
                 now smothered
             by the heat of our
                       passion ~
         we watched helplessly as
            their crumpled fragments
                   ascended in the

In the Kiss (2)

A shift from fluttering to pain
where my heart resides –
A reminder of agony from before
stunned by this strange overwhelming heat.
We fell, like a tree to the floor,
dying over and over again;
at the sight of him.
The path all too familiar.
The rhythm so similar.
Short trips with passion and pain.
Seeking desperarely for some resistance,
the only response  –
the wawl of warning in my ears;
and the thump, thump of my heart.
Close on their heels, an escaped sigh
disappearing into his possessive mouth.
Banishing all else into oblivion,
safe a satisfied moan, ‘I am home.’