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#haiku 013

        (NaPoWriMo14 Day 30)

midnight sky –
shadows dispersing
into the rising moon

light out –
protest melts
into swallowed sigh

merging shadows
two breaths –
become one


On A Quest

              (NaPoWriMo14 Day 29)

“be fruitful and multiply,” He said
man and woman He made them,
in the beginning
men looked for women
women looked for men
but he never gave the map
or leave the clue
just the heart
muttering the path
right or wrong
blindly following the path
the eyes see the light
the heart feels the hurt
then the search begins again
I looked for him everywhere,
I could not find him
then I lost me
I went looking for me
maybe when I find me
he will find me

Dance With Me


        (NaPoWriMo14 Day 28)

out of the pages of your notes
they filed out
to caress my heart
the most beautiful words I ever read
right in front of me
their soft touch took me to the future
your sincere mind lay bare before me
“I’m asking words to dance”
asking them to soar with me
they took a bow to do my bidding
we danced and soared to the altar
to the beat of  “I do”
the sweetest beat I ever danced to
I’ll never love another

Be Hopeful

I’m very playful
If you are careful
I wish you to be cheerful
For all must be joyful
We must be active
On things that are lawful
We’ll become faithful
Because we are tactful
Let’s remain hopeful
For all will be colourful

(Just a passing thought…..smiling out loud)
From Elubayo Elusode D’first

He Reigns

              (NaPoWriMo 14 Day 18)

Let all people with gladness sing
With joy for His glorious reign
Christ the King lives, His praises ring
Let all the people with gladness sing
The empty tomb, His victory bring
The guards at the tomb watched in vain
Let all  people with gladness sing
With joy for His glorious reign

A Reminder

    (NaPoWriMo14 Day 16)

The black blue sky breaks light
As each star appears
Winking and twinkling
To the rhythm of the night

The clouds swiftly moved
Giving way to the rising moon
Each in her heavenly beauty
Each to her earthly duty

A reminder of the first night
When he ordered the light to be
Only man ceased to be
What He intended him to be

Olufunke ~A Gift for Keeps

(NaPoWriMo Day 12)

This is a poem written by a very good friend of mine. It talks about the meaning in a name this one is about my name(Olufunke). I’m sharing it here because it’s also my day and a very special one.
I feel so rich to be so blessed by such wonderful friends and great family. They made it so easy. Love you all.

A gift given for keeps
A treasure uncommon
In care given
To watch her grow
A life of gold
A plate of bronze
A mirror unbroken
Smashed yet reflect
A rare gift of time
A huge space for season
Yet her in search
A gift given for keeps

This poem “Birthday” is dedicated to me by a friend for my day today.
I’m really honoured to be so blessed


New minutes and Hour!
New days and new week!
Before life understand!
It have added together with sand!
Some life has been ground!
Ye they have been bound!
Now plus with new month!
General party is to celebrate Jan 1!
Some generation were full of tears!
Yes your beauty fade not!
Lo your health stagnant not,
Now they came to addition,
To compose you new generation!
The answer is = NEW YEAR!
Here you are not with tears!
If angry crowded you like shell,
Let it be past and start count new cash,
Look at your back like owl,
You will see how small life is,
Like that little mustard seed!
Be glad and rejoice today,
For you more than conqueror’s,
Here’s that forbidden Prince’s to say,
Happy Birthday To Acient Queen’s world.

By: Tanimowo Gbenga,
Glory Adore,
© 2014.