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Fear (2)

Fear is a living thing
it feeds on your worries, guilts
anxieties and insecurities
the more you feed it, the
bigger it grows, sucking
life out of you like cancerous cells
until there is nothing left of
you but fear, misery and empty shell



A balm to a heart of guilt
A balm to a heart of wrong
Soothing her of pain
Releasing her of prison
Jail breaker you are
Oh confession

Elubayo Elusode D’ first

Untill Tomorrow


Night, greatest dread of every kids
Monsters out of every openings
Never goodnight, till tomorrow

Not one is safe from the dire bug
A time to toss, turn, sigh and sweat
Never goodnight, till tomorrow

Fondling is the breeze of rue and guilt
Of the day’s toils, ills and gains
Ne’er goodnight, say till tomorrow

Out of the dark, a piercing light
With the promise of a fresh start
‘Say till morrow, oh dreaded night