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Shades of Freedom (5)

She had her wings
Made of dreams
Her feathers forged
From truth and life
Crystals of snow
Here and there
She is freedom


Shades of Freedom (4)

Freedom is walking barefoot
In the morning drizzle
Taking a leak while at it
Purging your mind of all its cares

Freedom is taking a stroll
On a bright moon day
Imagining you’re the brightest star
On which men make their wishes


Wouldn’t it be perfect
If “we” all became one?
No “I” or “You” or “They”
Just one giant indomitable I
Tall and selfless like the palm tree
Wouldn’t it be liberating if I would
Unify the rift between truth and lie?
If I would cross the fence and pull the plug
On the conflict between good and the need for doing good?
If I would break the horrifying silence of the hibiscus Stimulating the unsated thirst of the butterfly
If I would make every cloudy face break open like the morning sun
If I would be as liberal as the sun,as cleansing as the rain
If I would be as receptive and meek as the moon
We would be one indomitable “I


(NaPoWriMo14 Day 7)

Had I known what life held
I would make ready, always on guard
Afore my eyes made a flutter
Swimming blindly in blood and water

If I knew how the battle’d be won
I would make ready my weapon of war
Shield and armour gleaming in the light
When not favoured I speed my flight

If I knew where the line’s hottest
Ready and steady to the front
Forward to the line fighting for freedom
To survive, all foes must face

If I knew what life would hold
I would wait for it to unfold
Layer after layer no running to and fro
Taking each day like the gift it was