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The Real Evil

Fear of poverty
Fear of of failure
Fear of acceptance
Fear of being stripped of power
Fear of tomorrow
Fear of the unknown
Fear of death
Fear makes people see what they want to see
Fear makes people see evil in every faces, evil in one another, evil where it does not exist
They lust for what they can’t have; what they shouldn’t have.
Fear is the real evil.
Unmask fear and conquer all evil


Let It Out

Let it out
Let it flow
Let it glow
On your cheeks
Down your chest
Be mad
Be sad
Scream some
Wail loud and long
Like a banshee
Let the wind
Ferry your fear
Far, far away
Give your grief
Worries and sorrow
To the breeze of the night
Roll them all
Into the trash
Throw them out
And let them go

My Yesterday

Yesterday, I didn’t know I’d be here
My day was so peaceful and gay
I had no inkling of this moment
Oh, I long for my yesterday

Now, when I pause to think of it
How could you be so tricky?
If you’d warned me I’d be ready
For this moment in my today

Suddenly, I’m not where I used to be
Clearly, I’m not where I wanted to be
Where are you taking me today?
So punic you are my yesterday

Fear (2)

Fear is a living thing
it feeds on your worries, guilts
anxieties and insecurities
the more you feed it, the
bigger it grows, sucking
life out of you like cancerous cells
until there is nothing left of
you but fear, misery and empty shell


Sleep took its flight
I embraced the light
Memories of the day
Sway gently in the moonlight
Ghosts of the past
Waltz into the present
And together
They mock the future
Who lies patiently
In a mist of uncertainty
On my rumpled pillow
My eyelids pinch mercilessly
As the long night
Fades into daylight

(C) Olufunke Kolapo, 2015

Gentle Breeze

gentle breeze
            of the night,
allaying the sun
             of its heat
free my thought
              of its cares
enclose me
              in the comfort
of your arms
may your gentle breath
              on my skin
lull me to sleep.