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The Real Evil

Fear of poverty
Fear of of failure
Fear of acceptance
Fear of being stripped of power
Fear of tomorrow
Fear of the unknown
Fear of death
Fear makes people see what they want to see
Fear makes people see evil in every faces, evil in one another, evil where it does not exist
They lust for what they can’t have; what they shouldn’t have.
Fear is the real evil.
Unmask fear and conquer all evil


The Tree of Knowledge


(NaPoWriMo Day 4)

A child knows to cry
Before he knows the word

He learns to smile
Before he forms the word

He loves a friendly face
Before he learns the name

He masters the face of a foe
Before he masters his name

He knows to deceive
Before he captures the word

It is in man to do good
It is in man to do evil

Both implanted in him
Along with the will to choose

He has the power to choose
Who enslaves him