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No Words

Today, I have no words
Qualified enough to describe
The depth of my pain
I have no words
Huge enough to describe
The emptiness in my heart
I have no word
Worthy of the thickness
Of the darkness drowning my soul
I have no words
Colorful enough to express
My desires for each day
That hurries by without their fulfilment
Or for the wishes I have for tomorrow
No words deep enough to form my fears
Of what the future holds
I pray, dear father that you look deep into my heart
And find the words that my lips cannot form
Soothe my worries
And grant my supplications



Tick, tack, tick, dead
Stands still the time
When I first saw you
And never started again
When you left
I stand still in that spot
Where I first saw you
There I lay my heart to rest
And will be waiting
Untill someone finds it again


If this gentle wind could talk
Would have whispered my longings
Mounting, with every breaths

If hearts could connect
Mine would tell yours
Of its incessant poundings
Wishing, for a brush of your hand

If miles could be shortened
I should be beside you in a blink
Loving you, till the end of time

Just Like A Stone

beaten and battered
unbroken and unbent
tossed here and there
I remain
strong and sturdy as the stone

wet with the dew of heaven
dried in the sun
I dined with the grass of the earth
I defied the wind and waves
of the world
not a grain
can be wrung from me

The Script

I am acting the part
As stated in life’s script
I’m acting my part
Smiling and keeping on
So the others
Can act their parts
Of lingering not and moving on

I drop my part
And shelf the mask
When I’m alone
I drop my part
And hang the armour
When the honest me
Takes over the weary me

Then, I drop the act
And hopefully pray
That I don’t loose myself
In between the parts

“….this day…”

Jagged and rugged
Thorny and uncertain
Our fate though unknown
Engraved on cold hard stone
The unending routine trudge
On day harsh and bleak
Like harmattan season
Or body scorching heat
The rising sun revealing the path
Forged by fate
Propelled by faith alone
Courage and hope
Our guide and companion
Our rest we embrace when daylight close its eyes
Come break of dawn we rise again
In joined palms we pray
For yet another day of journey
With hearts full of hope
To live beyond another break of day



(NaPoWriMo14 Day 22)

Today on the heels of tomorrow
Right from its birth
All through the deep dark night
Till the light of the morn

“When will tomorrow be?”
“Tomorrow never is”
We are today in pursuit of tomorrow
Chasing it all day today

I have it now, we think
Secure in the folds of our palms
Letting loose when sleep our eyes closed
At light the search begins again

Today matters most
That we fail to remember
Not yesterday, gone forever
When we die all over

Tomorrow is another
When we know not the better
Today is ours to matter
When we live again

I become today
It’s all I have


(NaPoWriMo Day 5)

Silky smooth soft spread
Cramped legs and wrinkled sheet
Streaming sun through the curtain
Dancing on an angelic face
A crescent smile adorned her lips
Would think that enough
To soften his stony heart
The hard set of his jaw
Eyes shooting fire from across the room
Crushed the ecstasy of the night before
When time honoured their union
The loud unspoken words
Whispered the death of the morning after
As time stood by the only witness
When it smothered their passion
And never move again

The Tree of Knowledge


(NaPoWriMo Day 4)

A child knows to cry
Before he knows the word

He learns to smile
Before he forms the word

He loves a friendly face
Before he learns the name

He masters the face of a foe
Before he masters his name

He knows to deceive
Before he captures the word

It is in man to do good
It is in man to do evil

Both implanted in him
Along with the will to choose

He has the power to choose
Who enslaves him

NaPoWriMo 2014


Happy National Poetry Writing Month for 30 Days of April. This blog…”where talent and personality bring forth quality”……..is going to feature a poem a day through this month. God helps me 🙂
This is my first attempt at participating in National Poetry  Writing and I’m glad to take the first step. So take me as I am.

The prompt for this poem is from the Bibliomacy oracle.
“Reality is usually a poor copy of the imitation. The original is an echo of what is yet to be.” – Me and My Pharaoh by Charles Bernstein

#NaPoWriMo day2

                A Puff Of Air

In you I found the answers I sought
Embrace your promise of eternal love
Peace so sweet the river cowers
Happiness so deep the ocean cannot fathom

In your arms I found relief
From pain, guilt and regret
Your offer new  chances and choices
New meaning in life and its beauty

But your loving arms held too tight
Your whole entity a puff of air
You are all but the real deal
Stirring us on a juorney from the truth

I realized so late your true form
Just a mere picture of should be
All you teach is the could be
All that cradle me is a puff of air