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“…..Like Gold”

I’ve known pain
I’ve known fear chilling than the harmattan air
Pain, fiercer and harsher than the whips of a thousand horsemen

My soul sank deep into the river of pain and fear

I sought refuge in the bosom of the younger dawns
I hid in their embrace and they comforted me
I dreamt of the rebirth of her garden in all its glory
I felt the healing miracle of the morning sun when Eva
bathed in her warmth; and I saw her inhabitants,
came alive with the songs of the birds, and fluttering flowers in the breeze
I’ve known pain;
Nameless, faceless fear

I sunk deep into their depths
And they hurt no more


Another Room


Where I am is just another room
Trapped was the feeling of yesterday
Hoping today I find an exit
Now, at this crossroad
Believing one of them is the exit
I hoped
It’s just another room
Maybe tomorrow the exit I’ll find
My fate though unknown
I trudged to the threshold
Hoping it won’t be just another room
I pushed open a door
Then another
And then another
Tempted still another room to find
Round and round life ebbs out
Seeping slowly into the last exit
Could be another room unknown
Still my thought even beyond
A room of bliss for the blessed

Elubayo Elusode D’first
Olufunke Kolapo