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Not About Me

On a low stool a pensive housewife sits
Out of this realm lost in her thoughts
On the swing a girl sweetly sings
Of life and love and ever after
Old or young need a little of all
Outside in the yard another hums her tune
Off and on she teases her brother who oils his bike
Once in a while his eyes dart here and there
Over the fence, towards the door
On the seventh darts he whistles loud ‘n long
One by one they bounce out of every corner
Orange, blue, yellow in diverse shirts
Onto the bike he jumps and pedals
Over and over; round and round
One after the other they repeat the cycle
Over and over amidst cloud of dust
On the swing the girl claps and hoots
On the low stool now stood a child of three
On her left her mother smiles in glee
Of the joy that childhood brings

*Every lines of this poem starts with the first letter of my name, but it’s not about me.


Dare To

If I’m honest with myself
I’ll sing of my secret cravings
The art of self discovery
When no mortal is near

If I’m brace enough
I’ll on this chaste paper
Pen my deepest passion
The art of self pleasure

I’ll sing of how long ago
We started on this road
How much I will a halt
Yet found my fingers roving

Words That Breathe

From the four winds of the earth
Came breath to breathe on the slain
In the valley of dry bones
Where heads sat apart,
Bones scatter about, yet intact

At the command of Him
Whose words formed the earth
Came words that breathe
On the slain of Israel
Sinews for the stiffs
Bones to bones
Flesh to flesh
With a loud thunderous shake
The slain awake

Never say bones are dry
Never say hope is lost
With words that breathe
Your dry bones can walk
With words that breathe
Your slain shall wake

Takes Two To Love…


Love held me motionless
When our love acquainted
Your love parted ways
Love in my heart
Giving all in love
For love in return
The love I yearn
To love all life
May this love live
Longer than love itself

“Love sought is good, but given unsought is better..”

William Shakespeare

For – Love’s Clever Poetry Challenge
Make a love poem, 10 lines. Each line must be four words long. Those lines must contain the word “love”. Then at the end of the poem, include a favorite quote about love.

Olufunke ~A Gift for Keeps

(NaPoWriMo Day 12)

This is a poem written by a very good friend of mine. It talks about the meaning in a name this one is about my name(Olufunke). I’m sharing it here because it’s also my day and a very special one.
I feel so rich to be so blessed by such wonderful friends and great family. They made it so easy. Love you all.

A gift given for keeps
A treasure uncommon
In care given
To watch her grow
A life of gold
A plate of bronze
A mirror unbroken
Smashed yet reflect
A rare gift of time
A huge space for season
Yet her in search
A gift given for keeps

This poem “Birthday” is dedicated to me by a friend for my day today.
I’m really honoured to be so blessed


New minutes and Hour!
New days and new week!
Before life understand!
It have added together with sand!
Some life has been ground!
Ye they have been bound!
Now plus with new month!
General party is to celebrate Jan 1!
Some generation were full of tears!
Yes your beauty fade not!
Lo your health stagnant not,
Now they came to addition,
To compose you new generation!
The answer is = NEW YEAR!
Here you are not with tears!
If angry crowded you like shell,
Let it be past and start count new cash,
Look at your back like owl,
You will see how small life is,
Like that little mustard seed!
Be glad and rejoice today,
For you more than conqueror’s,
Here’s that forbidden Prince’s to say,
Happy Birthday To Acient Queen’s world.

By: Tanimowo Gbenga,
Glory Adore,
© 2014.

If Only I Am A Deep Thinker

If only I am a deep thinker
I would’ve written a poem
For I know her thoughts are deep
I would have implored her words to woo her
Asking she reads her lines of mine
Writing in a script unknown
Drifting from the constant known
Her language still undeciphered
Oh poem, thou art beautiful
The intensity of my feelings unheard
Breathing my helplessness
Making this heart of mine leap to wariness
If only I am a deep thinker
Your wings I would cling to cross your ocean
Plead you to stay to love me
If only I am a deep thinker
I know you will love me forever

Elubayo Elusode D’first

To 2014… Cheers

My friends and family, my delight
Your likes and comments my prompt
Cos of you 2013 brought out my best
Without you this blog just my leisure
Your visits here my pleasure
Your presence here my gay
Your friendship and care making my day
Thanks to you it’s now my call
Wish you happy new year one and all