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Fate of Faith

I am the bough
dancing listlessly

I am the tree
creaking in the wind
outside at night

I am the root
deeply rooted
beneath the earth

I am the fly
entangled in a wild dance
of fate and faith



Flying flower with wings of
Black and golden yellow
Danced round and round
The candle light
It fluttered and hovered
It didn’t know the light
Would take its life
Even as it fluttered
One last time
And went still

Shades of Freedom (4)

Freedom is walking barefoot
In the morning drizzle
Taking a leak while at it
Purging your mind of all its cares

Freedom is taking a stroll
On a bright moon day
Imagining you’re the brightest star
On which men make their wishes

Just Like A Stone

beaten and battered
unbroken and unbent
tossed here and there
I remain
strong and sturdy as the stone

wet with the dew of heaven
dried in the sun
I dined with the grass of the earth
I defied the wind and waves
of the world
not a grain
can be wrung from me


Sleep took its flight
I embraced the light
Memories of the day
Sway gently in the moonlight
Ghosts of the past
Waltz into the present
And together
They mock the future
Who lies patiently
In a mist of uncertainty
On my rumpled pillow
My eyelids pinch mercilessly
As the long night
Fades into daylight

(C) Olufunke Kolapo, 2015

The First Rain

High in the blue sky
a dark lonely cloud
shadows the sun
above them, thunder rumbles;
and the trees humbly bow
to the incessant wind.

Beneath them,
shadows grow shorter and taller
from the north,
dust thick as fog gathers,
whirls and twirls
filling the sky with
murkiness and junks.

A lone leave circles and floats
blindly, undecided to rest
or join in the tumult
and then landed at my feet
I looked up as a tiny droplet
perched on my nose~
It’s the first rain.