The Real Evil

Fear of poverty
Fear of of failure
Fear of acceptance
Fear of being stripped of power
Fear of tomorrow
Fear of the unknown
Fear of death
Fear makes people see what they want to see
Fear makes people see evil in every faces, evil in one another, evil where it does not exist
They lust for what they can’t have; what they shouldn’t have.
Fear is the real evil.
Unmask fear and conquer all evil


9 thoughts on “The Real Evil

  1. Thank you for all of your visits to Soul’s Music. As I have said there, fear is not a fact, it is a feeling. A feeling that begins with discomfort about something we misunderstand or don’t even begin to understand because it is unfamiliar, different from what we know and recognize as acceptable. Left unchecked it can swiftly become hate and fuel actions which are facts and reality.

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  2. Agreed. in response …


    Many people believe
    (Having been taught so)
    That love and hatred are opposites

    But in my experience this is not correct
    The true opposite of love is fear

    Fear is the ground
    From which hatred grows

    Love opens us up
    Fear closes us down

    We no longer see
    So we imagine

    And hate what
    We think we see

    To overcome our hatred
    We must first overcome our fear
    Of our fellows and of ourselves

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    1. There is no earlier “original” post. I created this piece after being inspired by your own lovely poem. I am sure mine will appear on my “Ben Naga” site at some point (if I don’t peg out before that. 😀 I generally have a number of poems in reserve awaiting publication. Keep your eyes open and (hopefully) some time you will see it once again.S(should you wish to do so.) Meantime may I thank you for supplying the initial inspiration; I am very grateful. Stay happy and healthy, my friend. I always enjoy your posts. ❤

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