An Amputee’s Prayer (2)

I have prayed for so many things. I have cried for a lot of things as well but not for my leg to grow back. That sound like a scene from a sci-fi movie.

I had imagined it though. I imagined what it would be like. Then I think, I wouldn’t really want it. All I had been through would be like a dream, like they never happened. But I prayed that my pelvis would join like the dry bones in Ezekiel.

I did pray for the strength, courage and the will to live this life. You need a lot of those as an amputee.

I asked to be able to bear the pain, to be stronger than it, and to smile through it.

I asked to never be hungry or lack anything good. That the Lord would bless me with all I need to sustain my new life. That I would never have any reason to cry again.

I asked Him to take care of my family, my love ones, that I wouldn’t have any reason to run because of them, as He knows that I can’t run. That whenever they need me but I can’t be there, He stands in my place.

I told Him, since He has taken my leg, He would have to be my legs and go all the places I wouldn’t be able to go. He would walk it for me and with me.

Sometimes, when I wonder how I’m able to bear it. I remember I had asked Him to give me the grace to.
A man once asked me after staring at me for a very uncomfortable several minutes.

“How do you endure it? I really can’t imagine, how you cope, with your daily activities, work, everything?”

I said, “You find new ways of doing old things. It seems uncomfortable or strange at first, and then it becomes you.”

“But what about the ones you can’t do, what about in the future?”

“I take it one day at a time. I leave the next day and the next step to Him. He handles them. He takes care of me today and prepares me for tomorrow. Whatever tomorrow brings, He is there to guide and walk me through it.


6 thoughts on “An Amputee’s Prayer (2)

  1. Hey, Funke my course mate. Good to see and read from you after a long while. I rejoice with you for the strength and grace to pull on triumphantly. Baby girl, with the dearest friend by you, you are unstoppable in Jesus name.

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  2. Olufunke !!! Indeed I know God is sufficient for you , I can’t imagine anyone going through this and considering the fact that I saw it happen and we all couldn’t do anything to help or stop it from happening, I know things must be tough and rough for you but ican assure you one thing God is always there for you even when no one is …..I always have you in my prayers and I know God will always make away where there seems to be no way for you, continue to remain strong and never let anything hold you back ….Am very proud of you. Plus nice write up..

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    1. Wow!
      I’m speechless. These are the most beautiful and inspiring words I’ve heard today. You were one of those who made the journey easier and the pain bearable. Because of your love, care and for fighting so hard for me.
      Thanks a lot for your prayers, for reading and the encouragement.
      God bless…


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