Monthly Archives: March 2016

Only Me

The monsters under my bed
Have taken refuge in my head
Cocooned in my guilts,
Self-doubt and regrets
I’m the monster


Deferred Hope

The promise of His coming
Has dissolved into yesteryear
The hope of a home beyond the clouds
Is fading into ~
The troubles of this world

I’m More Than a Man

I’m a woman
I’m more than a man
I have his blood and bone
I’m shapelier, sexier and fairer
I’m weak and strong
I’m patient and impulsive
I’m a woman
I’m more than a man
From the taste of the fruit
Till sunrise tomorrow
I’m the face of the deceiver
The root of evil
A haughty heart
I’m the cause of the failed love
The broken home
The dirty china
I control the mind of
The defiant child
The wayward son
The estranged husband
With a straight back
And a square shoulder
I bare them all
I mother them all
I’m a woman
I’m more than a man
Reincarnation, I await you
If you were to come
A woman I would be

Happy women’s day to you all…..