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Is Life Unfair?

You think life is unfair?
White or black we thrive on air
How fairer can life fare?

Slake of thirst is same everywhere
Rain falls on all saints or sinners
Is life really unfair?

The rich heart weaken the poor despair
They shiver for thieves we shudder for cold
How fairer can life fare?

We bemoan, we chant life’s unfair
Dead is dead rich or poor; young and old
You think life is unfair?

What makes one sad makes the others cheer
While I cry she mumbles a thanks
How fairer can life fare?

I wish to be them, their life’s fair
They wish to be me I’m all smile
You think life is unfair?
How fairer can life fare?


Crazy or Not

I am not beautiful, not really.
I’m not talented, or maybe a little.
I’m not rich or famous. But there are some things I’m passionate about, wealthy or not everybody deserves that. I love dancing; it empties my mind of negative thoughts and purge me of loneliness.
I love walking, especially in the night, or in the rain. Crazy? Maybe, but nothing is more soothing than the stroke of the cool night breeze. I love riding okada at night. I’d let my hair loose for the wind to whip though it after the day’s work. It’s a great way to destress and exciting too. Too crazy?
Aren’t we all? I loved the cold. The colder the weather, the better I sleep.
The point is we love what we love, crazy or not. They give life to our souls, they make us more alive than spirits floating in the air. But what happens when those things are snatched from our warm fingers without warning. When all we have left of our being are the memories of the used tos? Leaving our souls floating, merely existing.
Where do we start?
How do we recover from the shock of the snatch?
How do we hold on to the tail of the kite connecting to our soul?
How do you find your way back to you?

The Lonely Path, poem by Olufunke Kolapo (ME, IN FICTION Poetry and Prose Series)

Silver Birch Press

kolapo.jpgrobinsonThe Lonely Path
by Olufunke Kolapo

Still on this indented seat
Weary watery eyes from this ancient sight
Mine mind craving an escape took a flight
I, the unwilling partner tagged along
We walked hand in hand among
Brushes of treasured moments turned memories

We heard the eerie crunches of bits of our dreams
We gulped the bittersweet taste of our mistakes
We drank the stale milk of our guilts
The sickening stench of stillbirth dreams
Hung in the air ferrying thunderous voices
Of the wrong choices
And slipped chances
We heard the heartrending sob of lost loves
The never-ending groan of their broken hearts
We inhaled the wistful fragrance of their sad love songs
We saw under the sulking moon the ugly scars on our palms souvenirs from holding too tight
And the ragged residue from letting go
Not for lack of valour
But for loss of vigour

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Happy New Year

Tick tock, tick tock
365 days, it ticked away
The new year now on
The heels of the old
I’m most grateful
For friends and family
Who flew with me in 2015
You lent your wings
And raised me high
With your kind words
And willing shoulders
2015 was less lonesome
I’m most honoured to
Fly with you
Happy new year folks