Monthly Archives: December 2015

Grateful Heart

When in a vacuum of fear
icier than harmattan wind
I lay
Your friendly warmth
calmed me
When I’m entangled in a
web of anxiety
Your kind words
raised me up
You lend your wings
I soar
You cheered me on
when I’m one with words
You encouraged me
when I’m lost in words
I’m so glad to fly with you
most fortunate to know you all
Strangers who turned friends
friends who become kins
I’m sending the warmest
thing I have
My heartfelt good wish
United in words we remain
~ Olufunke



Tick, tack, tick, dead
Stands still the time
When I first saw you
And never started again
When you left
I stand still in that spot
Where I first saw you
There I lay my heart to rest
And will be waiting
Untill someone finds it again