Now I’ll sing of my greatest fear

Of the taste of the realm of nothingness

Teasing and taunting like a missing limb

How I dread its incessant pull

Into the passage between here and there

Nothing more agonizing than that chill

Gnashing beneath the hovering darkness, a

Ne’er ending nightmare of infinite nothingness

E‘er threatening possession of my mind

Such is the miracle of a near-death your

Soul is never here or there


14 thoughts on “Nothingness

      1. Not at all ! Communicating via written word makes inference difficult. I was simply being careful that I did not inadvertently step on your toes ! I enjoy our reparte and do not wish to spoil it . Happy holidays , Olufunke !

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  1. I did not mean that relationships were not worth persuing. I apologize for seeming negative in my comment. May your future hold all the happiness you could wish for, Olufunke . Please forgive me .


    1. Aw….you misunderstood me, friend. I do not see your comment as a negative one. I actually found it comforting and encouraging. That this feeling of emptiness, of nothingness, the fear of it is for a while. That it will come to an end someday. Maybe my response came out wrong.
      And I get where the chill came from. I understand it’s from the poem 🙂 seems I was not fully awake when I replied to your comment, sorry….

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  2. A beautiful acrostic poem…the intensity of the feeling anticipated by impending nothingness is really strengthened by your use of ‘infinite’ to describe it…great creation of mood

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