My Flame

You ignite my heart
like a ray of sunshine
after the morning


10 thoughts on “My Flame

  1. I love the brevity and spirit of these lines,  Funke and the warmth went through to my core… Still somethinade me wonder: does the line ‘handful of sun’ really sound cool? I think there’s something to that line that you need to check.

    Still,  nice lines. Well done!

    From:”Olufunke Kolapo” Date:Tue, 1 Sep, 2015 at 12:55 Subject:[New post] My Flame

    Olufunke Kolapo posted: “You ignite my heart like a handful of sun after the morning drizzle”

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    1. Finally!
      I’ve been waiting for someone to point that out.
      ” a handful of sun” odd and ridiculous right? I thought so too (:
      I don’t know why I used that word “handful” or when I did. I wrote the poem in the night. All I had to start with was “drizzle” and then I remember adding “after the morning…”I woke up, and there it was. I thought there must be a reason I used the word, I’ve read it like a million times but it’s elusive . Maybe I had something else in mind to add to those lines. I posted it because I was hoping it would come back, maybe from the comments.
      But everybody seems okay with it, or didn’t notice. You did! (:
      …ray of sunlight ” should work in the meantime, I think. So, I’ll change it to that.
      Thank you!‎

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      1. That sure sounds better but don’t worry we will munch on to see if we can get something else. .. So, in addition to sleep walking and sleep eating, we have sleep-writing? Okay o! 🙂

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      2. Lol… (:
        Sleep writing? It seems possible.
        But what do you think about “a handful of sun”, really?
        No, “a handful of sunshine/sunlight/sunbeam” I think that’s better. Is it totally impossible? Poetically or literarily? I can imagine it….even close to feeling it.
        What do YOU think?

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      3. It isn’t totally impossible. ..poetically anything goes for can’t we measure all the rays into one palm, close it and feel its warmth? All can go but we also have to listen to the flow as it touches us within…

        Methinks if you love it so, you can let it fly.

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