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New Leg For Uche

UCHE is a young vibrant guy who had his leg crushed in a ghastly automobile accident almost two years ago. He eventually lost his leg due to poor medical facilities within his locality. He had contemplated suicide but with divine intervention, he’s gradually turning his life around. 
Due to Uche’s past medical expenses, he and his siblings, who are orphans, are currently out of school.
Uche has discovered his passion for life despite his circumstances and he aspires to having a career in the music industry. 
Uche needs a prosthetic leg. You can help Uche by contributing  towards procuring this much needed aid.

Here is the link to the donation site

“…the Chains of benevolence must not be broken…”



Sleep took its flight
I embraced the light
Memories of the day
Sway gently in the moonlight
Ghosts of the past
Waltz into the present
And together
They mock the future
Who lies patiently
In a mist of uncertainty
On my rumpled pillow
My eyelids pinch mercilessly
As the long night
Fades into daylight

(C) Olufunke Kolapo, 2015

The Script

I am acting the part
As stated in life’s script
I’m acting my part
Smiling and keeping on
So the others
Can act their parts
Of lingering not and moving on

I drop my part
And shelf the mask
When I’m alone
I drop my part
And hang the armour
When the honest me
Takes over the weary me

Then, I drop the act
And hopefully pray
That I don’t loose myself
In between the parts