Monthly Archives: July 2015


The beauty of life
is in letting it find you
don’t search for answers;
don’t peep into the future
you might not like what
you’ll find.
The path of life is a mystery
the excitement is in the suspense.



When you reach the depth of woe
Never hurry nor worry
Do not fear ; do not fret
Be calm and courageous
For you will soon
Begin to rise

Breathe Again

Running ~ we all do
in the tracks of life

From our nightmares
to daylight
into reality.

From our past
to the present
after the future.

From sin
to guilt
into conviction.

From grief
to denial
into acceptance.

From our dreams
into desires
after ambitions.

From loneliness
into love, from love
to love.

From unknown
to clarity
into certainty.

From weakness
to pretense
into strength.

Stop, breathe
and breathe again,
embrace your self
accept your fears;
in their depths
lies your freedom.
Running ain’t freedom.

Copyright (c) 2015 by Olufunke Kolapo