Thank you to the 175 poets who participated in our Me, as a Child Poetry Series

Silver Birch Press

logo_poetry1 Silver Birch Press extends a heartfelt thank you to the 175 poets from around the world who participated in our ME, AS A CHILD Poetry Series during April and May 2015. Our deepest gratitude for your brave and beautiful work!

Sue A’Hern (Wales)
Tobi Alfier (California)
Sandra Anfang (California)
Maria Luisa Arroyo (Massachusetts)
Stephanie Baird (Massachusetts)
Chloe Balcomb (England)
Danny P. Barbare (South Carolina)
Julie Brooks Barbour (Michigan)
Jim Barron (England)
Renee Bartovics (Connecticut)
Ruth Bavetta (California)
Roberta Beary (Maryland)
Esmeralda Bernal (Arizona)
Rick Blum (Massachusetts)
Greta Bolger (Michigan)
Alina Borger (Iowa)
Anne Born (New York)
Patricia Brooks (U.S.)
Mandy Brown (Texas)
Cynthia Bryant (California)
Kathleen S. Burgess (Ohio)
Laura Byro (New Jersey)
Alexandra Carr-Malcolm (England)
Angela M. Carter (Virginia)
Kevin Casey (Maine)
Barry Charman (England)
Sudasi J. Clement (New México)
Wanda Morrow Clevenger (Illinois)
Joan Colby (Illinois)
Ginny Lowe Connors (Connecticut)
Patrick Connors (Canada)
Beth Copeland (North Carolina)

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