To Sisterhood

your brilliant smile
like the morning sun
my daily anodyne

its brightness eclipsed
the looming gloom
in the hall of torment

filling my heart
with warmth
and my aching bones
with joy

your innocent positivity
barred the constant
of speedy end

your love and care
stilled the waves
of hopelessness

every morning
my eyes searched
for yours
my daily dose of
strength and courage

your tender hands
soothed my wounds
and hastened their

you stilled my fears
and shared my fears
you calmed my restlessness
and eased my sleeplessness
you sweetly filled the hollowness
left by a lover’s absence
thanks angel
for being you.


10 thoughts on “To Sisterhood

  1. Your poems are thoughtful and well written, and stirring at times I encourage you to submit to Poems from the Heron Clan, an anthology that has had some super poets in it before, and #3 has Jasmine Farrell, Asha Gowan, Jaki Shelton Green, etc. I edit the anthology for Katherine James Books. #4 due out in 2016


  2. Got this link through Allpoetry. It’s nice to find a countryman writing. Though I feel your collection of haiku under ‘sisterhood’ resembles more of senryu than haiku.
    Please keep writing.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks a lot for reading and the comment , pleased to meet you too.
      About that, haiku is not really my thing. I found it fascinating and challenging and tried it. I have not written any since the last one. I found out it’s not me after all (:


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