Monthly Archives: December 2014

Nothing Left


Nothing left in my heart
Save the pounding
That I cannot drown
In the deep of the night

Nothing left on my lips
Save the humming of the whips
As they collide with my skin
Singing of their stings

Nothing left to remember
Save the stench of the others
Clinging to your skin
As you whirl by

Nothing left in my heart
Save the promise of forever
Victim of still birth
Smothered by treachery

Nothing left on my mind
Save the forgotten songs
Of the ties that bind
Awaiting next ill-fated pair

Nothing left of our love
Save the closed void
Where you once lived
Scarred by voidness

Nothing left of our passion
Save the hollow ache
Of unfulfilled longing
Fading with time

Nothing left in my heart
Save the stillness of the flutters
And the echoes
Of your departing feet

(Thanks to K. O J for the picture)



the color of love
is you and I
a perfect symphony
of sound
falling endlessly
like rain sprinkling
a piece of forever
silently etched
into the capsule
of time