Monthly Archives: August 2014

A Day Away

lengthen shadows
under the golden sunset
dark splotches of birds
floating in the sky
whistling of the fall of  night
and the flight of daylight,
“release your brows
of its furrows
fret not o’er
the ills of the day
nor of its toils
a new morrow
is just  a day away.”


In the Kiss (2)

A shift from fluttering to pain
where my heart resides –
A reminder of agony from before
stunned by this strange overwhelming heat.
We fell, like a tree to the floor,
dying over and over again;
at the sight of him.
The path all too familiar.
The rhythm so similar.
Short trips with passion and pain.
Seeking desperarely for some resistance,
the only response  –
the wawl of warning in my ears;
and the thump, thump of my heart.
Close on their heels, an escaped sigh
disappearing into his possessive mouth.
Banishing all else into oblivion,
safe a satisfied moan, ‘I am home.’

Like Onions


your hypnotic beauty
winking and beckoning to me
under the midnight sky
where stars perform
their starly duties
your serenity, an assurance ~
this storm is almost over
your wildness, a challenge ~
silently urging…give love
another chance
and life, a chance  to unfold
your wideness ~ an infinite possibility…….
brighter days are yet to come

Gentle Breeze

gentle breeze
            of the night,
allaying the sun
             of its heat
free my thought
              of its cares
enclose me
              in the comfort
of your arms
may your gentle breath
              on my skin
lull me to sleep.

Moving On

a journey to recovery
a backward-never-trip
to restoration
narrow and thorny
shallow and stony
so many pieces
waiting to be found
all scattered here and there
along the road
to moving on
jagged and ragged pieces
waiting to be fitted
along the road
to moving on

not a thing of ease
taking a step
into moving on
step into it
no looking back
no turning back
while on the journey
to moving on