NaPoWriMo 2014


Happy National Poetry Writing Month for 30 Days of April. This blog…”where talent and personality bring forth quality”…… going to feature a poem a day through this month. God helps me 🙂
This is my first attempt at participating in National Poetry  Writing and I’m glad to take the first step. So take me as I am.

The prompt for this poem is from the Bibliomacy oracle.
“Reality is usually a poor copy of the imitation. The original is an echo of what is yet to be.” – Me and My Pharaoh by Charles Bernstein

#NaPoWriMo day2

                A Puff Of Air

In you I found the answers I sought
Embrace your promise of eternal love
Peace so sweet the river cowers
Happiness so deep the ocean cannot fathom

In your arms I found relief
From pain, guilt and regret
Your offer new  chances and choices
New meaning in life and its beauty

But your loving arms held too tight
Your whole entity a puff of air
You are all but the real deal
Stirring us on a juorney from the truth

I realized so late your true form
Just a mere picture of should be
All you teach is the could be
All that cradle me is a puff of air


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