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All I Need

You need not stature
to rule my world
you need neither gold nor diamond
to dazzle me
you need no high status
to capture my heart
just a little of your time
when I need a listening ear
your loving arms to hold me
on dark cold nights
your eyes to remind me
that I only hold them captives
and a little space in your heart
to reside forever
all you need
all I ask


My Jewel

Olufunke Kolapo

Mine heart fills with pleasure
Oh depth of love can there be
Gift supreme words cannot measure
Your unwavering love for me

Love than pain itself made strong
Gave my first abode without a frown
Love so divine I never can wrong
So deep no depth can drown

Through her my first words I formed
My toothless grin your heart ever so joyful
Your teary smile as your ears heard
On my infant lips your name though mouthful

Once at my first step my legs took a miss
Your eyes bade me to rise each time I fell
My bruised knees your soft lips kiss
My will to rise making your heart swell

When by thoughtless words and loveless act
Your gentle heart my action pierced
For this deed myself I despised
To never hurt you so, I made a pact

Soon by life’s fang I got bitten
My strength…

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A Day of Rest

Rest my brow
Time to unwrinkle your furrow
Another glorious day of the King is here
Offer thankful hymn to His presence here
This is not to linger
Or your worries to stay longer
Rest, oh seat of thoughts
Release unto Him all your cares
Rest my soul, embrace His balm
Let the fingers remain calm
Today is another day of bliss
Let all souls enjoy this moment of peace

If Only I Am A Deep Thinker

If only I am a deep thinker
I would’ve written a poem
For I know her thoughts are deep
I would have implored her words to woo her
Asking she reads her lines of mine
Writing in a script unknown
Drifting from the constant known
Her language still undeciphered
Oh poem, thou art beautiful
The intensity of my feelings unheard
Breathing my helplessness
Making this heart of mine leap to wariness
If only I am a deep thinker
Your wings I would cling to cross your ocean
Plead you to stay to love me
If only I am a deep thinker
I know you will love me forever

Elubayo Elusode D’first

If Life Were Easy


If life were easy
I would walk this land barefoot
Just to feel these cold stones
On my cold dry foot

If life were easy
I would embrace the drizzle
Dance in it all day long
Feel its sweet wetness
On my milk pale skin

If life were easy
I would sit under the full moon
Chat all night with her occupant
About all my dreams
Were the clock to turn back its hands

If life were easy
I wouldn’t want you to know this life
Living my life in place of yours
Would spare you this hardship
And carry this burden alone

If life were easy
I would still wear these shoes
You, never try them on
I wouldn’t trade my life with yours
Would gladly wear this pain
If there is a chance it could be you

If life were easy
I would still want you in my life.

For you.

Sleep Not Child


Glide through
Slice through
Sleep not child
No time to linger
This world, too fragile to lean on
Heed not her lullaby
There’ re pines on her bed
Beak it through
Chip it away
Struggling still
Let not your will slip
On her slippery slope
Your hope, your drive
Sleep not child

……………Initiated by Elubayo Elusode D’first.
Edited by Olufunke Kolapo