Monthly Archives: January 2014



Who am I?
That He would think of me
A wretched sinner
A dog, always returning to his vomit
Yet He loves me so
Knows me more than I do
Even when I knew Him not
Cares for me when I sought Him not
Hiding me under His mighty wings
Shielding me from every storm of life
Listening patiently when in prayer I bow
Working still even when I lost hope
One more favour I ask of you this hour
I know your rest is this day
I need you more than I ever do today
Like you did in those days
Remould and remake me oh Lord
For You are the greatest Potter


To 2014… Cheers

My friends and family, my delight
Your likes and comments my prompt
Cos of you 2013 brought out my best
Without you this blog just my leisure
Your visits here my pleasure
Your presence here my gay
Your friendship and care making my day
Thanks to you it’s now my call
Wish you happy new year one and all