Baihu's Haikus

I want to explore the idea more, but need some time to digest the concept. The poetry prompt this week from We Drink Because We’re Poets is a big one, one that could keep the gears turning more than a week, for sure. It speaks of gratitude, but more particularly the gratitude we feel for the hard lessons learned…for the silver linings that comes wrapped in dark clouds. This haiku was also inspired by Sahm Kings excellent post on Arkside of Thought “My Stay in the Matrix: The Bullet I Dodged. This is a prime example of what I most like about Sahm’s writing. It grabs your gut and makes you feel, both sharing his experience, and re-living your similar experinces – both. He writes about such raw experience, such human things, he touches on experiences many, many people have shared in one way or another, to one extent…

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