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Untill Tomorrow


Night, greatest dread of every kids
Monsters out of every openings
Never goodnight, till tomorrow

Not one is safe from the dire bug
A time to toss, turn, sigh and sweat
Never goodnight, till tomorrow

Fondling is the breeze of rue and guilt
Of the day’s toils, ills and gains
Ne’er goodnight, say till tomorrow

Out of the dark, a piercing light
With the promise of a fresh start
‘Say till morrow, oh dreaded night


His Hands


‘He has deserted us,’ they cried
Nothing to rely on safe their belief
The sound of their cries went up to Him
Like the fragrance of their daily offerings
In the fullness of time, out came His hands
Working great signs and wonders in their oppressors’ land
The parted sea, the biggest of many miracles
Swallowed the horsemen along with their horses and chariots ever
Vomitted the children of covenant onto the way
To the promised land, never more to wander

Sunset (#haiku 009)


swaying to and fro
on the clothesline –

The beauty of nature, we are too busy or too sick to appreciate them. I missed watching that. I finally got to it two days ago.
It was the most beautiful thing I’ve seen in a while.


Clay and water
Sieved and pounded
Moulded and shaped of His hands
Why do you then boast?
Of these riches and wealth?
They were here before you
And here they will be
When you are no more
Of wisdom and knowledge
Acquired and will be required
When you are no more
Your beautiful skin –
Nothing but boasting dust
Simply dust, safe that first breath
Giving in love, and with love
If there be any boast
Let it be of His second to none

Out of Breath

Breathe on me, three in one God
let Thy breath of life
restore life to me.
That first breath – the genesis of humanity
Can this mortal body
of clay and water
broken by sin and guilt
be mended,
by the Potter Himself?
InThy presence I humbly bow

Silent Wish

Pearly silvery sparkle
Jewels of the night
Bid you to carry my wish
Through the gentle breeze
Into the blue beyond
My heart desires this last thing
Return to me my limbs
Feel this warm sand beneath my feet
Walk this earth one more time
The cool breeze on my face
Visit the greatest wonder of the west
Where water gushes from the rock
In the deepest greens
Climb its seventh hill
The sky and the clouds above me
Inhale the fresh breath
Untainted by men’s quest
And shout to the whole world
The tale of the triumph of my tattoo.

Found this prompt on WeDrinkInspiration for short story. I wrote a poem on it. I know  it has to be a story but I really want to use the prompt. I got the prompt from you, so I have to tag you. I hope you don’t mind.You don’t have to include me in the result or anything.
Thanks 🙂