Monthly Archives: November 2013



Live for the moment
One day at a time
Borrow not sorrow
From the next morrow
Bud and blossom
Like a beautiful flower
Each day a way
of living it


My First Love


Your persistent knock
I awaken from a deep sleep
Sneaked past my defences
Seduced my heart and hope
Caught a glimpse of your sweet love
Bang! – the door on that gripping world
The jarring ache of loss and horror
Ushered in the uncanny truth
Forever is too long for you

Empty Vessel

Switch off your glaring light
Oh ageless sun!
Spin no more on your axis
Oh mother earth!
My soul is lost in time
Her vessel mourns her transition
Why would you go on without me?
Stop! Stay! Proclaim my demise

* This poem is about my pain. I could write a whole book about it, but this will do for now. I feel like I merely exist to watch others live. It’s so painful. I keep blocking it out but I guessed I succeeded in blocking out everything, till there is nothing left. *

Lessons I Learnt

I have lived…or sort of
I have dined with laughter
I have cared
I have embraced love
I have walked with pain
I have dined with sorrow
I have tasted betrayal
I have drunk the wine of desertion
I have made friends with fear and guilt
I have chewed on suffering
I have inhaled rejection
I have been broken
I have learnt to bend
I have gone to hell and back
I have survived
One lesson I learnt?
Life goes on
Live it