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God Is Not Mad At Me


Never ask for much from Him
Just to fill my life with love and calm
Same I asked on this fateful day
That left a huge bump on my way

One moment was walking with my friends
Then the next was flat on my rear
The sun glaring down in all his might
Daylight burning with so much hate

Not one of my limbs I could stir
Just drifting in and out of here
As if undetermined to stay or depart
I knew then my life had taken a new twist

Once I caught a glimpse of my loves
The mask on their faces of fear and tears
This breaks my heart so but not a tear
My whole body been rid of all care

A terrible nightmare was my first thought
Or dead and beyond the blue for reward
Hoping I’d wake and have a good laugh
And return to my simple but stunning life

A great miracle I pulled through they said
Like all miracles mine was not exempted
I paid with endless pain and my freedom
My proof of womanhood torn to shred

Must have erred God was my waking notion
To be so wrath to act without compassion
Life behind bars and endless grief His verdict
Else He would shield me from this raging tempest

But then that He still loves me revived my soul
That He really cares made me whole
Could have been six feet beneath the earth
Then I know His plans surpass my thought

With abundant love He enriched my home
The strength and courage to stand the storm
The grace to look beyond this troubled race
And the faith to trust in His guidance

For my family.
After a life changing auto mobile accident, I was sure God was mad at me, punishing me for something I had done. After I recovered, I was really mad at Him for not preventing the accident. Then I realized He saved me, cos He loves me. It could be worst. He is not mad at me.


My Jewel

Mine heart fills with pleasure
Oh depth of love can there be
Gift supreme words cannot measure
Your unwavering love for me

Love than pain itself made strong
Gave my first abode without a frown
Love so divine I never can wrong
So deep no depth can drown

Through her my first words I formed
My toothless grin making your heart so joyful
Your teary smile as your ears heard
On my infant lips your name though mouthful

Once at my first step my legs took a miss
Your eyes bade me to rise each time I fell
My bruised knees your soft lips kiss
My will to rise making your heart swell

When by thoughtless words and loveless act
Your gentle heart my action pierced
For this deed myself I despised
To never hurt you so, I made a pact

Soon by life’s fang I got bitten
My strength failed, my will to live decreased
Your eyes baring more pain than I smitten
On your bosom I found comfort and peace

When old age dug in your cheeks
And back that bore me through worry curved
I vow I’ll forever be your arms and legs
Oh sweet mother, you are adorned

For you Mum – Your unwavering love and strength, give me the courage to keep fighting. You are the best.
And for all mothers, may you reap the fruit of your labour.
Lots of love




Bathing in the glorious light of a new day
the fresh breath of the morning breeze
caressing my face
as the pale lemon light of dawn
consumed the darkness of the
previous night, like our first kiss
consumed the darkness
that ruled my life.
Every time we kiss,
the sky lights up,
my blood throbs in my vein
passion burns within me
with just a look in your eyes
my heart beats fast at your touch
like the wings on a racing horse
your warm breath on my neck
ignites me, making my water flow
ears roaring like seawaves
head swelling
heart pumping
so much blood I want to explode
no dishonesty
no secrecy
just pure ecstasy
of fantasy
brought to reality
I want to run from this feeling
feeling like no other
want to run to the top of the hill
the sun and the clouds above me
shout to the whole world
of my love for you
but even love is not enough
to express this burning
killing me ever so softly
but no matter how much I run,
I’m still in the same spot
transfixed by the magical glow
of your eyes.



No matter how many days we painfully spent
In love together we share a heart
No force our love can pull apart
From this path I vow not to repent

I want to remain by your side
Till the passing of the tide
Though the reign of lion ends with age
My love for you will surpass this age
For your love has spread its roots
That will forever send up new shoots
You and I together
Will hold hands with forever
Ours is a bond unbreakable
Let’s make it a union unshakeable