The Bleeding Heart


A broken body
A shattered heart
A lonely soul
A dashed hope
Is how his heart found mine
Found to mould what is left of it
More than a mate he is
Care and concern he brought along
With enduring love to flavour them
A perfect body
A warm blood
A big heart
And a youthful look
All seal in one body
With promise of more
A heart broken by love
It’s said can only be healed by love
But this duo,
A broken body and shattered heart
This cannot heal.
And what can heal it
I know not
A crushed hope it can fix not
This love is not mine
She sings at dawn and dusk
Oh, how I have waited so long for you
Now that I can have it not
Now that I can keep it not
It comes a calling
On a heart oozing blood
On a body
Not fit for a savage.
Love for a spurting heart
Passion for a damaged body
Oh fate!
Oh love!
How cruel thou art!

(c). 2013 Olufunke Kolapo


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