“….this day…”

Jagged and rugged
Thorny and uncertain
Our fate though unknown
Engraved on cold hard stone
The unending routine trudge
On day harsh and bleak
Like harmattan season
Or body scorching heat
The rising sun revealing the path
Forged by fate
Propelled by faith alone
Courage and hope
Our guide and companion
Our rest we embrace when daylight close its eyes
Come break of dawn we rise again
In joined palms we pray
For yet another day of journey
With hearts full of hope
To live beyond another break of day



I would melt into you
if only I could
reah far enough
to touch you
pull you into me
trace every contours of your skin
memorise every oulines of your form
and together we would melt
like droplets in the river
you into me
I into you
till we know not
where you end
or I begin
I reached……..
all I kissed
was a gush of air

“…..Like Gold”

I’ve known pain
I’ve known fear chilling than the harmattan air
Pain, fiercer and harsher than the whips of a thousand horsemen

My soul sank deep into the river of pain and fear

I sought refuge in the bosom of the younger dawns
I hid in their embrace and they comforted me
I dreamt of the rebirth of her garden in all its glory
I felt the healing miracle of the morning sun when Eva
bathed in her warmth and I saw her inhabitants,
came alive with the songs of the birds, and fluttering flowers in the breeze
I’ve known pain
Nameless, faceless fear

I sunk deep into their depths
And they hurt no more


I bow in awe of You
King of kings
Who was
And will always be
From generation to generation
To the end of time
Your mercy endures
Your love found me
Out of the depth of the stream
My soul sought Your face
Your words- Your desire
In those waiting on Your mercy
I employed in my cry for help
Your strong arms
Delivered my soul
Your wings of protection
Shielded me from tempest
Your mighty voice
Calmed the raging storm
And satisfied my soul
With immeasurable peace
You stripped me of my sack cloth
And clothed me with joy
You are true and just
Merciful and gracious
I bow in awe of You
Ancient of days
You are who they say You are
You are the Lord

Nothing Left


Nothing left in my heart
Save the whisperings
That I cannot drown
In the deep of the night

Nothing left on my lips
Save the humming of the whips
As they collide with my skin
Singing of their stings

Nothing left to sight
Save the stench of the others
Clinging to your skin
As you whirl by

Nothing left in my heart
Save the promises of forever
Victim of still birth
Smothered by treachery

Nothing left on my mind
Save the dead songs
Of the ties that bind
Awaiting the next ill-fated pair

Nothing left of our love
Save the closed void
Where you once lived
Scarred by voidness

Nothing left of our passion
Save the hollow ache
Of unfulfilled longing
Fading with time

Nothing left in my heart
Save the stillness of the flutters
And their echoes
Of your departing feet

(Thanks to K. O J for the picture)