The First Rain

High in the blue sky
a dark lonely cloud
shadows the sun
above them, thunder rumbles;
and the trees humbly bow
to the incessant wind.

Beneath them,
shadows grow shorter and taller
from the north,
dust thick as fog gathers,
whirls and twirls
filling the sky with
murkiness and junks.

A lone leave circles and floats
blindly, undecided to rest
or join in the tumult
and then landed at my feet
I looked up as a tiny droplet
perched on my nose~
It’s the first rain.


Life gives me new meaning everyday
Yesterday, I lived for others
Their happiness my drive
Life showed me stiff and weariness
Hope lent me her strength
Today, I live for me
She showed me fulfilment and joy
Strength and courage my companion
Hope becomes me
I need not borrow
They’re mine

Words That Breathe

From the four winds of the earth
Came breath to breathe on the slain
In the valley of dry bones
Where heads sat apart,
Bones scatter about, yet intact

At the command of Him
Whose words formed the earth
Came words that breathe
On the slain of Israel
Sinews for the stiffs
Bones to bones
Flesh to flesh
With a loud thunderous shake
The slain awake

Never say bones are dry
Never say hope is lost
With words that breathe
Your dry bones can walk
With words that breathe
Your slain shall wake

To Sisterhood

your brilliant smile
like the morning sun
my daily anodyne

its brightness eclipsed
the looming gloom
in the hall of torment

filling my heart
with warmth
and my aching bones
with joy

your innocent positivity
barred the constant
of speedy end

your love and care
stilled the waves
of hopelessness

every morning
my eyes searched
for yours
my daily dose of
strength and courage

your tender hands
soothed my wounds
and hastened their

you stilled my fears
and shared my fears
you calmed my restlessness
and eased my sleeplessness
you sweetly filled the hollowness
left by a lover’s absence
thanks angel
for being you.

Between A Second

It seems like another lifetime
it’s just a short distance away
        the crow of a cock
        a ticking clock
        a toiling bell
it’s an hour after mid-day

A mounting breath
and then another
melting into one

Somewhere in between
         a mother in travail
         the angry wail
         of the newly arrival
and a distant mournful wail
herald of the departed soul

In between a flutter
a life given
a life taken

Between a second
a whole life’s work
a bundle of something
crashes into nothing

Between a second
we live a decade
        and over


Just this once
Close your eyes
Open them
They will see things
They’ve never seen before
The distance you used to know
Becomes shortened
The shorter distance
Becomes farther
The people you used to know
Appears strange
The robes you clad them
Becomes worthless
The moments you treasured
Becomes meaningless
The secrets you once shared
Becomes empty
The closer you get
The farther you want to be

Shade of Blue by Olufunke Kolapo (Me, as a Child Poetry Series)

Originally posted on Silver Birch Press:

Shade of Blue
by Olufunke Kolapo

Underneath this same
shade of blue,
I made houses
of sand and sticks,
boxes and weeds;
stuffed doll
strapped on my back
with mother’s head-tie.

I played house with
friends and siblings
pots of cans
soup of mushrooms
and water leaves
I watched ants
appear and disappear
into tiny holes.

I skinned my knees

and bruised my toes

I played hide and seek
in the open yard,
rain or sunshine
jumping ropes
and climbing trees.

I smiled and cheered
without reservation.
I sobbed and wailed
when sad or hurt
no shame or pretense.
I miss my younger self.

NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: My poems, my writings are like an extension of me. They are mostly my feelings about the people and things around me. Inspired by my inspiration from people, nature and things. I love writing. I love words; they are my drive, my anchor…

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Time has healed my wound
Nature has cloaked my scar
Friendship has offered relief
Love has soothed my grief
But the memories are green
And somewhere within
Lurks the dread
Of what lies ahead
In the unfolding of day
In the silence of the night
The voiceless mutterings
“Will tomorrow be another yesterday?”